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Frank Hicks- Pugsley the peculiar puffin


This children's book is based on the true story of a wayward puffin from Newfoundland Canada that somehow landed in the big city of Montreal. It is also a story of the warmhearted and loving people who offered their help, the environmentalists who offered their expertise and the various professionals along the way who offered their time and resources. They all worked together to bring this beautiful wayward puffin back home to family, friends and safety.

All proceeds from book sales will be donated to Le Nichoir

About the Author

Frank Hicks was born in Ireland, but raised and educated in Canada. A lifelong animal lover, Frank has relentlessly advocated for animal welfare and the conservation of wild species for many decades.

He began volunteering his time at Le Nichoir Wild Bird Conservation Centre in 2007. As Le Nichoir’s longest-standing board member, Frank played an important role in the team of dedicated staff and volunteers that dreamed, planned and built Le Nichoir’s state-of-the-art conservation centre, which opened its doors in 2016. As Director Emeritus, Frank remains devoted to Le Nichoir, sharing stories like this one at every opportunity.

About the Illustrator

Born in Blackpool, England, J.B. Mann’s favourite pastime was to ride the donkeys on the sands of the Blackpool Promenade, occasionally observing dolphins, porpoises and other fascinating marine life. At times, even a wayward Puffin or two could be found swimming in the Irish Sea. It was these lasting childhood experiences that contributed to a deep love of all animals.