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Cylinder Log - Garden Friendly Seed Log


Cylinder-shaped seed block. Can be hung using a string through the centre hole, placed on a platform feeder or offered using a feeder specific to cylinders. Ingredients: Nuts, sunflower, cut corn, bird-safe binder. 7½ '' long x 4'' diameter (19cm long x 10cm diameter). 900g


Food safety

To prevent food poisoning in birds please remember to:
- Store seeds in a dry cool location such as a garage or a basement. Do not store seeds outside.
- Do not use seeds that are too old. Depending on the seeds, shelf life varies from a few months to a year.
- Do not leave seeds in a feeder for more than 2 weeks.
- Toss seeds that are wet, spoiled or moldy.
To learn more about how to make an attractive and safe garden for birds, visit our Resources page.