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Dried Mealworms


Dried mealworms are appreciated particularly in the winter months when insects are hard to find. They can be offered on a platform feeder or mixed with seed in a tube or double-sided feeder. They can also be offered in small quantities to bluebirds in a bluebird feeder during the summer if you already have bluebirds in your yard. Bluebirds have very specific habitat requirements and will not be attracted to your yard unless you meet those requirements. In a platform or bluebird feeder offer only what can eaten in a day. Protect from humidity. 100 g


Food safety

To prevent food poisoning in birds please remember to:
- Store seeds in a dry cool location such as a garage or a basement. Do not store seeds outside.
- Do not use seeds that are too old. Depending on the seeds, shelf life varies from a few months to a year.
- Do not leave seeds in a feeder for more than 2 weeks.
- Toss seeds that are wet, spoiled or moldy.
To learn more about how to make an attractive and safe garden for birds, visit our Resources page.