Meunerie Maska



Black oil sunflower seed is the favorite of most local species. It is the seed that will attract the greatest variety of birds. Like its name suggests, it is rich in oil, thus providing birds with much needed calories. The main disadvantage of sunflower seed is the accumulation of uneaten shells under the feeder. Sunflower has a longer shelf life due to its shell.

*Please note that due to its size, it is not possible to ship this item. Online orders containing this item must be picked up at the centre. 


Food safety

To prevent food poisoning in birds please remember to:
- Store seeds in a dry cool location such as a garage or a basement. Do not store seeds outside.
- Do not use seeds that are too old. Depending on the seeds, shelf life varies from a few months to a year.
- Do not leave seeds in a feeder for more than 2 weeks.
- Toss seeds that are wet, spoiled or moldy.
To learn more about how to make an attractive and safe garden for birds, visit our Resources page.