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Threatened Species Sponsorship - Evening Grosbeak


*Important: If your sponsorship is a gift, you must write the name of the recipient in the 'Add order note' section during checkout.* 

Sponsor an Evening Grosbeak

The Evening Grosbeak is a songbird that does not have a specific song. They feed on budworms during forest infestations.

Evening Grosbeaks are usually brought to Le Nichoir because they were the victim of a cat attack or a window collision. Treatments can include oxygen therapy, pain management, and fluid therapy.

Your sponsorship ensures that a wild bird will receive the care it needs to be released into the wild, healthy and fully capable of breeding.

Le Nichoir takes its responsibility for its patients very seriously. Our wildlife rehabilitation work requires significant technical expertise and extensive knowledge of the natural history of our patients. As part of the professional-level care, we provide medical treatments, a balanced diet, and housing adapted to the needs of each species.

Your sponsorship will support our threatened bird rehabilitation program. Providing the proper care for our patients means meeting the individual needs of each bird. Threatened birds can be especially challenging because each species has unique requirements. What, how, and when the birds are fed are important considerations that vary by species, and most threatened birds require special housing adapted to their needs. Luckily, Le Nichoir is the specialist in caring for threatened species. We are up for the challenge!

Your rehabilitation sponsorship includes:

  • A personalized certificate of sponsorship that can be given as a gift
  • A collectable card with the inside story about the Evening Grosbeak
  • An invitation to a special tour at Le Nichoir with our staff – In the case of a gift, both the purchaser and the recipient are invited to attend
  • A Le Nichoir fridge magnet
  • News from Le Nichoir’ Newsletter.

Tax receipt available to purchaser.