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National Geographic Backyard Guide to Insects & Spiders of North America - Book

This companion to National Geographic's best-selling Backyard Guide to the Birds of North America provides an authoritative overview of the 150 most common, important, and interesting insects, spiders, and other crawling creatures of U.S. and Canadian households, backyards, and parks. For amateur naturalists, outdoors enthusiasts, and aspiring biologists young and old.
An accessible visual guide to the top 150 insects and spiders, this guide combines readable text, representative photographs, and explanatory illustrations to highlight key features of body shape, life cycle, and behavior. Organized by scientific taxonomy, the book offers navigational devices for quick identification and practical information about attracting--or repelling!--these creatures. Noted entomologist Arthur Evans has selected the top 150 creatures of interest, from luna moth and ladybug to black widow spider, Rocky Mountain tick, and millipede. Backyard Guide to the Insects and Spiders of North America introduces them all with enthusiasm and authority. This is the perfect gift for nature-loving families and beginning naturalists.

With the handy size, logical organization, and visual richness that characterizes National Geographic's perennial bestseller Backyard Guide to the Birdsof North America, this new volume will prove a valued title in the backpack or home library of every nature lover and outdoor enthusiast.