Le Nichoir

Claudio D'Angelo- A Breath of Spring


This painting of a Northern oriole came about after a client asked me if I’d consider painting one that had been visiting his flowering tree. I gave it some thought and after doodling some ideas on paper, I found that this one of a landing bird quite appealed to me. The tricky part was shaping the branches and blossoms into a pleasing arrangement within the composition.

Blank cards 13 cm x 18 cm (5'' x 7'')

Biography Claudio D’Angelo

I spent much of my youth exploring the local woods and fields near where we lived and became captivated by the various animals I encountered. These encounters kindled within me a strong desire to draw and paint animals, almost single-mindedly. Inspired, I spent countless hours filling in sketchbook after sketchbook during those youthful years. After high school, I studied illustration and graphic design, which led me toward a promising career as an illustrator, all the while honing my painting skills during evenings and weekends. Within a few short years, no longer willing to repress my true desire, I turned the page and dedicated myself fully to painting.  Lending particular attention to the ever-changing nuances of light and atmosphere, my paintings depict what I feel is a more intimate view of nature, where both landscape and animal subject are harmoniously integrated within a strong composition. My ultimate goal in every painting is to try to capture the true essence of my subject, that which makes it unique.  

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