Permabitat - House Wren Nest Box


Nest box with drainage and aeration holes for House Wrens. Specially designed hanging system to install your box without damaging trees. Side door opening for easy maintenance access. The hole guard protects eggs and nestlings from predators such as squirrels and raccoons. 


Nest Box Safety

Nesting boxes should be cleaned at the end of the nesting season to help prevent the spread of feather parasites.  Old nesting material should be removed and the inside of the boxes be sprayed with a bleach solution then rinsed.  Nest boxes can be stored for the winter or left in place, some birds will use nest boxes as shelter in the winter.  If the boxes are removed, leave them in place until late fall as some birds will look for prospective nest locations before migrating.  


About Permabitat

Permabitat is a Quebec-owned small enterprise.  All the nest boxes are hand-made locally with treated non-toxic white pine wood.   For more information about Permabitat, visit their website at