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Insect Shelter


Lake & Cabin Red Canoe Insect Shelter with wall hanger.  Lake and Cabin Collections inspired by the Great Outdoors! The multi chamber design of this insect shelter attracts the largest variety of beneficial insects including lacewings and lady bugs to help reduce plant damage from pests like aphids and caterpillars. Solitary bees may also use this house,  increasing pollination. Hang your insect house  about 5-ft high near the area where you want increased pollination and harmful insect protection, like a garden, flower bed or bushes  and trees that blossom.  Ready to hang.


This shelter offers pollinating insects a home with several cavities in which to lay their eggs or larvae, or simply to overwinter. This shelter replaces and plays the role of dead trees (snags), which we too often eliminate from our landscaping.

Bumblebees, wild and solitary bees, and many other insects beneficial to our gardens and flowerbeds will use these cavities.

City, countryside, forest, water and fields.

Pollination, natural predation and decomposition.

Vegetation must touch it, so install it a few centimetres above the ground.
Avoid using chemical fertilizers.
Keep the nest box outdoors all year round.
Place in south-east but half-shade, as insects like morning sun.

Native plants and grasses.