Totem Roasters

Le Nichoir Bird Friendly ® Coffee


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The coffee Bird Friendly ® Le Nichoir is triple-certified organic, fair-trade and Bird Friendly ®. The Bird Friendly ® certification ensures that the coffee is grown under the shade of a forest that provides habitat for the birds and other wildlife unlike the typical coffee culture where the forest is removed to replace it with a coffee monoculture.

Many of our local birds are long-distance migrants and leave us in the fall to go spend their winter areas where much of our coffee is grown. By drinking Bird Friendly ® coffee you are protecting our local birds but also countless other species of birds and wildlife that inhabit the rich tropical forests. The coffee you choose can change the world.

The coffee Le Nichoir is roasted locally by a small Canadian-owned artisan coffee roaster, Totem Roasters. The coffee you buy is always fresh. To learn more about Totem Roasters visit the website at

For more information about the Bird Friendly ® coffee visit