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Squirrel Buster - Suet


Hanging squirrel-proof suet feeder. The crumb tray collects falling suet pieces and allows bird to eat them to reduce waste. Weight system can be adjusted to prevent heavier birds such as blackbirds from feeding. 2 suet block capacity. Lifetime Care TM.


About suet

Suet is a great food to offer in the winter at it offers calories and proteins when natural food is scarce. However, it is important to offer suet only when the temperatures are cold. Suet and suet feeders should not be offered when the temperatures are consistently above 5C. Suet can spoil quickly in warmer temperatures and the fat will melt. Melted suet can easily get deposited on birds feathers and put them at risk of hypothermia as it disrupts the natural oily protection of the plumage. In the spring, the grease can also be transferred from a bird’s belly to its eggs while incubating which can possibly kill the developing baby by blocking the pores in the shell through which it breathes.
Like all food, it is important not to offer old or spoiled suet to birds.


Feeder safety
To reduce the risk of injury, feeders should be placed at less than 2m (6ft) (under 1m (3ft) is even better) or at more than 10m (33ft) from a window.
It is important to remember that feeders have the potential to cause disease in birds by promoting transmission of infectious diseases or by harbouring harmful moulds. To help prevent diseases in birds please remember to:
- Clean feeders and change seeds every two weeks
- Do not use old, spoiled or wet seeds
- Empty and clean the feeders immediately if the content becomes wet
- Take down feeders immediately for a minimum of 2 weeks if you observe a sick bird in your yard
For more information about feeder maintenance and safety visit the Resources section




About Squirrel Buster 

The Squirrel Buster (C) line of feeders has proven over the years to be one of the best ways to prevent squirrels from emptying feeders. These long-lasting feeders use weight-sensitive system to only allow animals under a certain weight to feed without triggering the closure of the feeding ports.  All feeders prevent grey squirrels from feeding, and some of the larger models can also be used against larger birds such as blackbirds. Their patterned ventilation system allows the seeds to remain dry and fresh longer, preventing mold. All the feeders are easy to take apart and clean.  Brome Bird Care is a Quebec-based and owned company.