The Glass Bakery

The Glass Bakery - Hanging Gull

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Hanging Gull. Size approximately 6.5 cm (2.5'')

Studio glass bird ornament created by The Glass Bakery, Nova Scotia. The bird shapes are designed and hand-cut. Layers of coloured crushed are glass built up on the clear shapes before firing the bird in the kiln for many hours.  Hanging birds are thread on clear monofilament. Handcrafted in Nova Scotia from glass using no paints, glazes or moulds.  Artisan Studio-Glass made in Nova Scotia 


About the artist

British-Canadian Cara Wedgbrow established The Glass BakeryTM in Nova Scotia in 2010. Cara creates collectible series of charming shoreline and woodland glass birds to capture your eye and your imagination. Each bird is unique - simply and beautifully handcrafted from coloured glass with no paints, moulds or glazes. The Glass Bakery also strives to be environmentally aware and responsible, recycling and reusing materials wherever possible; minimizing the use of plastic packaging material and offsetting the energy used in the creation of the glass birds.