Wild Bird Trading Company

Window Alert UV decals


Static-cling anti-collision UV reflecting window decal. UV materials seen by birds to aid in reduction of window collisions. Use on clean exterior glass surfaces, placed at a minimum on every 2 feet of glass. Each pack contains 4 decals of approximately 10cm (4'') except the Leaf medley pack which contains 5 slightly smaller stickers. Made in USA.


Window Safety

Window collisions are one of the main causes of injuries seen at Le Nichoir. House windows are responsible for an estimated 15 to 30 million bird deaths every year in Canada while tall buildings cause an estimated average of 64 000 deaths every year.
Please note that all window safety items will only work if placed on the outside of the window as the reflection causing the birds to mistake the glass for their habitat happens on the outermost surface of the window.
Please note that none of the window safety items sold will work in the situation where a bird is fighting with the window. In this situation, the bird is seeing its own reflection and believes it to be an intruder. If this is happening to you, please contact our bird helpline directly at 450-458-2809 or by email at info@lenichoir.org.